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Online Arabic classes for kids Families who live in non-Muslim countries have to deal with the everyday task in teaching children Arabic and improving their proficiency in Arabic. However, there are significant obstacles that pop up in the way of parents as they are trying to locate an Arabic class for children which will allow their children to learn Arabic in the quickest and most efficient way. The primary and most significant issue is finding a reliable proficient, knowledgeable native Arabic instructor at a low cost.

Happily, Al Qari Academy has the best solution to of these issues. We’ve a group of highly skilled and inexpensive indigenous teachers. They offer the most effective online Arabic language school for children, with specially designed curriculum and programs that fulfill the needs of your child to improve and master the Arabic language with its dazzling beauty.

This course will help improve Arabic understanding, reading Arabic conversations, Arabic understanding and Quran Recitation. It is the ideal solution to these issues because it is the main goal of all Muslim parents to teach their children Arabic to keep connected to their heritage of the Quran as well as the Arabic roots.

About The Course

  • At the end of this Arabic course, your child will read any Arabic text easily and quickly like the text is written in their mother tongue language.

    Your kid will learn:

    • Learn The Arabic Alphabet & The Basic Words and Phrases
    • Learn The Arabic Grammar
    • Read Arabic fluently
    • Speak Arabic easily and fluently
    • Write Arabic easily
    • Understand any Arabic conversation they hear
    • Enrich their vocab & expressions
    • Fully understand the Arabic language and any level of conversation.
    • Have Confidence in their Arabic language skills
    • Learn commonly used phrases and expressions
    • Learn about the Arab culture
    • And by the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of completion to recognize their proficiency in the language.

Course Features


Course Details

beginner Level: These classes are designed for children who have little to no prior knowledge of the Arabic language. They typically focus on introducing basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and simple sentence structures.

Elementary Level: Classes at this level are suitable for children who have a basic understanding of Arabic. They aim to enhance vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills. Students may also start learning to write Arabic letters and simple words.

Intermediate Level: Intermediate classes are intended for children who have a good grasp of Arabic vocabulary and can understand basic conversations. These classes focus on building more advanced vocabulary, improving grammar skills, and developing the ability to hold conversations in Arabic.

Advanced Level: Advanced classes cater to children who have a strong foundation in Arabic and are comfortable with complex grammar structures and vocabulary. These classes aim to refine their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students may also study Arabic literature and culture at this level.

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Students Say



"I was very hesitant to take an online Quran class, but I'm so glad I did! My teacher is amazing and has helped me improve my recitation and understanding of the Quran so much. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the Quran online."

Sarah Quran Memorization

I've been taking online Quran classes for a few months now and I've really enjoyed them. My teacher is very patient and understanding, and she always takes the time to answer my questions. I've learned so much about the Quran and I'm really grateful for this opportunity."

Ahmed Quran Reading

"I was a bit nervous about taking an online Quran class, but I was pleasantly surprised. My teacher is very knowledgeable and engaging, and she makes learning the Quran fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a flexible and convenient way to learn the Quran."

Mariam Tajweed Rules

Being a busy professional, online Quran classes have allowed me to pursue my Quranic studies without compromising my work commitments. The experienced teachers I have encountered have made the memorization process enjoyable and engaging. The online platform's features, such as the virtual whiteboard and recitation audios, have enhanced my learning experience.

Jubier Quran Reading

Online Quran classes have made it possible for me to fulfill my desire to memorize the Quran while juggling my university studies. The flexibility to schedule classes at my convenience has been a game-changer. My teacher has been incredibly supportive, providing valuable feedback and helping me understand the deeper meanings of the verses.

Amelia Quran Memorization

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Yes, you can do that. For example, you can enroll in Arabic course and also study Quran Reading or Memorization at the same time.

First, you book a monthly membership of classes with one of our teachers then you will meet your teacher on Zoom as per the booking time. You need to install Zoom app on your device.

If you’re struggling to choose a course, you can book your free trial and the evaluator can help guide you to the right course for you.