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Learning Islam for kids and raising them up on the right teaching of Islam is a duty to every Muslim parent. It endeavors to instill all the goodness into their heart & soul and helps them to succeed in this life and hereafter as well.

Online Islamic education is necessary nowadays because when they learn about the Quran & Islam at an early age, this knowledge will last forever and grow by passing time because children’s memory is strong and their mind is pure.

Therefore, Islamic education means they will be better Muslims In Shaa Allah.

About The Course

    • Islamic History: This section will cover all the events before and after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) till the present day. 
    • Islamic Shariah: It covers the laws and regulations made obligatory by Islam for you to become a practical Muslim
    • Hadith and Sunnah: The knowledge of Hadees and Sunnah enables us to shape our lives according to the will of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad(SAW).
    • Fiqh and Ijtihad: This section covers the work done in Islamic Shariah by the Islamic scholars from different schools of thought, and the research needed to solve modern-day problems in the light of Islamic teachings.

Course Features


Course Details

  • slamic Creed, and Basic Fiqh issues.
  • Foundations of Islamic knowledge.
  • Biography of the prophets.
  • Simple meaning of Quran.
  • Events from Islamic history.
  • Stories of Islamic figures and heroes.
  • Stories mentioned in the Quran.
  • Hadith and teachings of the Prophet.
  • Characteristics of the Prophet.
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Students Say



"I was very hesitant to take an online Quran class, but I'm so glad I did! My teacher is amazing and has helped me improve my recitation and understanding of the Quran so much. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the Quran online."

Sarah Quran Memorization

I've been taking online Quran classes for a few months now and I've really enjoyed them. My teacher is very patient and understanding, and she always takes the time to answer my questions. I've learned so much about the Quran and I'm really grateful for this opportunity."

Ahmed Quran Reading

"I was a bit nervous about taking an online Quran class, but I was pleasantly surprised. My teacher is very knowledgeable and engaging, and she makes learning the Quran fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a flexible and convenient way to learn the Quran."

Mariam Tajweed Rules

Being a busy professional, online Quran classes have allowed me to pursue my Quranic studies without compromising my work commitments. The experienced teachers I have encountered have made the memorization process enjoyable and engaging. The online platform's features, such as the virtual whiteboard and recitation audios, have enhanced my learning experience.

Jubier Quran Reading

Online Quran classes have made it possible for me to fulfill my desire to memorize the Quran while juggling my university studies. The flexibility to schedule classes at my convenience has been a game-changer. My teacher has been incredibly supportive, providing valuable feedback and helping me understand the deeper meanings of the verses.

Amelia Quran Memorization

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Yes, you can do that. For example, you can enroll in Arabic course and also study Quran Reading or Memorization at the same time.

First, you book a monthly membership of classes with one of our teachers then you will meet your teacher on Zoom as per the booking time. You need to install Zoom app on your device.

If you’re struggling to choose a course, you can book your free trial and the evaluator can help guide you to the right course for you.