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Ijazah is a document which granted its holder the authority to read and teach the Quran using Tajweed. 

the aim of Ijazah is to confirm the narration of the Quran through a series of authorized transmitters that go back to the Prophet Mohammad (blessings and peace Allah be on his soul) and then towards the Angel Jibraeel (upon him, peace) and finally Allah the Almighty Allah the author of the Quran.

in another way, Ijazah is a sign of honor from a reputable teacher to a student for being able to correctly recite the Qur’an without errors and having the ability to grant others Ijazah following the evaluation of their Recitation. This is a way to pass on the Quran with its originality to future generations in the same way it was given through the Prophet (blessings and peace Allah be on his soul) and to  keep the Qur’an free from change and from any falsification. It also represents the highest quality of reading of the Quran.

Similar to how English contains certain sounds that have to be pronounced properly, Arabic contains distinctive sounds and, in order to pronounce them correctly non-native Muslims should be taught Makharij (articulation areas) and also read the Quran using Tajweed in order to attain that goal.

Course Outcomes

This course is designed to attain the Itqan (perfection) level in reciting the Quran for serious students of the Holy Quran with continuous Sanad (Chain of Qur’an Reciters) connected to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Through this one-on-one online ijazah course, the students learn advanced topics in tajweed and Qiraat through repetition with the objective to attain the Itqan in one of the Quran recitations.

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If we consider seriously the act of giving an ijazah student must pass the following test to earn a quran ijazah

The first step the student is required to read the entire Quran from the start to the end.

The second point The student must learn how to use Tajweed in depth and the rules for Qira’ah that are unique to it (Qur’an the recitation).

Thirdly The student must complete a series of tests, carefully implementing each rule of tajweed in complete knowledge with his/her teacher. The certificate is the certificate is awarded after passing the exam held by the teacher

Note: Note We are extremely serious about granting an Ijazah, we will not offer it unless there is a suitable well-qualified student. Thus, a person cannot be sure to receive an ijaazah award after completing one reading. Students may be required to keep studying during a Qur’an course and then read the second (or third or even more) time in order to receive the certificate.

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"I was very hesitant to take an online Quran class, but I'm so glad I did! My teacher is amazing and has helped me improve my recitation and understanding of the Quran so much. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the Quran online."

Sarah Quran Memorization

I've been taking online Quran classes for a few months now and I've really enjoyed them. My teacher is very patient and understanding, and she always takes the time to answer my questions. I've learned so much about the Quran and I'm really grateful for this opportunity."

Ahmed Quran Reading

"I was a bit nervous about taking an online Quran class, but I was pleasantly surprised. My teacher is very knowledgeable and engaging, and she makes learning the Quran fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a flexible and convenient way to learn the Quran."

Mariam Tajweed Rules

Being a busy professional, online Quran classes have allowed me to pursue my Quranic studies without compromising my work commitments. The experienced teachers I have encountered have made the memorization process enjoyable and engaging. The online platform's features, such as the virtual whiteboard and recitation audios, have enhanced my learning experience.

Jubier Quran Reading

Online Quran classes have made it possible for me to fulfill my desire to memorize the Quran while juggling my university studies. The flexibility to schedule classes at my convenience has been a game-changer. My teacher has been incredibly supportive, providing valuable feedback and helping me understand the deeper meanings of the verses.

Amelia Quran Memorization

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