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This program focuses only on one of the skills or elements of language which is:

Speaking Course

Indeed speaking is the ultimate goal in learning the language, thus we have allocated this program specifically for developing ones conversational skills. This comprises of three levels and its topics are connected to various topics of life from daily and social life to culture and religion as well more from what the student uses in conversation.
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Listening Course

This is a program for training the students listening ability and understanding to the point he can communicate with who he listens to correctly.
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Arabic grammar

Nahw is Arabic grammar that concerns construction of speech and sentences. Any student who wishes to dwell in the Arabic language must study it. We have chose a number of programs for beginners, intermediate level, advanced level, fluency.
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Arabic Morphology

This is considered to be amongst the most important sciences for speakers of languages other than Arabic, as it is the science which teachers the origins of words, hence by it we can extract and construct many words with multiple meanings from a few letters known as the ‘root word’.
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This is the sciences which teaches the beauty of speech, and helps the student upon grasping emotive and rhetoric speech such as poetry, along with helping with the construction of emotive speech as well.
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Literature Course

In this program the student shall study certain Arabic poems and texts such as speeches/lectures etc along with those that considered to be from the main sources of the Arabic language.
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Science of Poetry

This is a science specific to the study of Arabic poetry
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Dictation Course

Here the student would study the rules relating to writing correctly in order to become capable to write about topics without making any errors that may limit the understanding of the reader.
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Extra Reading Course

In this the student shall study a number of books in order to develop new vocabulary and sentence constructions. In addition will learn the use of words in the texts.
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Oratory/Sermon Course

This is a science specific to the study of Arabic poetry
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Yes, you can do that. For example, you can enroll in Arabic course and also study Quran Reading or Memorization at the same time.

First, you book a monthly membership of classes with one of our teachers then you will meet your teacher on Zoom as per the booking time. You need to install Zoom app on your device.

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